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Begin your healing, restore your hope.

Welcome to Grieving Together, Grief Counseling Services, where healing begins and hope is restored.


I am Meg Cipolla, a certified grief counselor with over 8 years of experience, and I bring a unique perspective to my practice - having personally navigated the challenging journey of grief. I am here to offer compassionate support every step of the way.


Here at Grieving Together, I believe that no one must walk through their grief alone. There is room for everyone’s experiences and expressions of grief here.

Our Services

Individual Support
Group Support
Grief Workshops

Upcoming Groups

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My Approach

As a certified grief counselor, I have dedicated my career to helping individuals cope with loss. What sets my approach apart is the personal understanding I bring to each counseling session. Having experienced my own profound loss, I intimately comprehend the complexities of grief and the diverse ways it manifests. My goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where clients can express their feelings, explore coping strategies, and find a path towards healing.

Why Choose Grieving Together?

Holistic Approach

Recognizing that grief affects various aspects of one's life, I take a holistic approach, addressing emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Professional Expertise

With years of experience as a certified grief counselor, I am dedicated to utilizing evidence-based approaches to support healing.

Personal Understanding

I bring a deep, personal understanding of grief, fostering an environment where clients feel seen, heard, and understood.

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